My name’s Linda.  Mrs. Average, ordinary, nothing really special.  Daughter, Wife, Mother to three grown children and Grandmother (Nanny) to two adorable Grandchildren.

I have this blog because almost everyday, something happens that makes me say WTF??, or makes me laugh, roll my eyes or wish that it was legal to snap kick someone to the head.

I work in sports administration. Amateur sports admin, at a district level…. that provides me with loads to blog about.  The trouble is, as much as I would like to speak freely, there’s always someone ready to jump on the complaints wagon and profess their great offence at something they’ve read.  If that’s you, I need to tell you right now that I dislike you, intensely.  So in order to save my job, I’ll go as close to the line as possible and whatever can’t be printed, sits in a HUGE drafts folder, just waiting for my retirement.

I’m also a frustrated writer.  I love to write, I love to use words to describe, embellish, communicate, ridicule, comfort, teach, terrify and amuse.

Feel free to drop in often.

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