This morning I posed this statement to myself as a question and decided that I’d like to think they do.  I asked myself this question as I read a post, written by a total stranger on the other side of the world.  She belongs to a special interest Facebook page that I also belong to.  I only joined it yesterday, so I haven’t even got familiar with any of the members, we’re not connected in any way other than a passing interest in being self sustainable.

Though now that I’ve shed a tear for her and her plight, I’ll think of her all day (and probably for weeks to come) & so I had a thought.  Wouldn’t it be great if in times of sorrow, the tears of others diluted your sorrow, if others sympathised, it eased your burden?  That’s not say that I want the world to be collectively sad, that would just suck! But, as my tears flowed unabated for this total stranger, whose world is in pieces, I really wanted my tears, to mean something – to be useful.  I didn’t want them to only be a knee-jerk reaction of a silly old girl who’s a bit soft!

So at that moment, as my tears flowed, seemingly without end, I decided that my tears did mean something and that in some form of cosmic symbiotic healing, the puddle of tears forming around the world, from people like me reading the tragic post, would in some way form a buffer around this poor woman whose heart and soul are currently in a million tiny shards.  At some point, all those tears will come together and become something in the universe that will help rebuild this grieving mother.  I don’t know what, I just know it, as sure as night turns to day, I know this to be true.

My last act to cement my conviction was to create something to convey my thoughts to others, so as amateurish as it is I made this tile.  I didn’t draw the eye, I’m not that good….that’s courtesy of google images, but the words are mine.  They’re for anyone to know that when I cry with you or for you, that my tears are never empty.  So it appears that Creativity Challenge Day #8 is done without me even planning it.