I think we all know that we will never again be a plastic free society. So, if we must suffer this putrid product and the horrible things that it is doing and has done to our planet not to mention what it does to our wildlife then we need to find ways to minimise its use and to reuse what’s already here.

This stuff doesn’t break down. There’s a whole lot of misinformation out there about bags that break down, that actually don’t, or that take years and years to break down, but never will, because we stupidly put them inside another bag that won’t break down.  Either way,  what we are left with is lots of plastic in lots of places that you can see (that’s called litter) and in lots more places that you can’t see (like in the stomachs of wildlife and that bottom draw in your kitchen).

I don’t know about you and what your stance is on plastic, but I have two beautiful grandchildren I would really like to keep this planet safe for their future. So if you have children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or if you love wildlife or if you’re connected to another human that you just like a little bit, you owe it to the planet and to humankind to take responsibility for how you use, consume, and dispose of plastic, but in particular, single use plastic.

This is your problem too!  Don’t pretend it isn’t….it’s everyone’s job to take responsibility.  I’ll do another one of these posts, with the how to make changes (don’t eye roll me… I saw that!)….it’s really easy!

Saving the planet one bag at a time for these two beauties – because they’re worth the tiny inconvenience!

So, what does this have to do with creativity you might be asking yourself? Linda has clearly gone off on a tangent and lost the plot (you know that’s been coming for a while right?). Well I’ll tell you what it’s got to do with creativity, back in March, at an International Women’s Day breakfast I was introduced to PLARN, and its use in making the challenges experienced by people who sleep rough a little less “soggy”.

Plarn is basically yarn, made out of single use plastic bags.  You know the ones that you promised you wouldn’t use again because you have 47 calico bags in the boot of your car, but you forgot to take them into the supermarket with you? I personally think that all retailers should charge $2.50 per plastic bag (never mind the pissy 10c a bag….who the hell cares about 10c?), maybe then, we might sit up and take notice….but I digress, again.  Sorry.   Anyway, Plarn is made out of single use plastic bags, and then used to crochet sleeping mats for our fellow humans, who are sleeping rough in parks, doorways, under bridges etc.  They don’t sleep on the plastic, but they put it down on the ground as a barrier between the cold, often wet, ground and whatever they sleep on, be it cardboard, bedding, a sleeping bag or whatever else is at hand.  In the morning, they roll it up, stash it with their other mobile sleeping arrangements and move on to start another day, dry (or drier than they would have been if they’d slept on the ground without a barrier).

There’s a group near me who’s collecting PLARN and turning it into sleeping mats, so if you’re interested in making some, but don’t want to do the crocheting, get cutting and joining and get in touch with me…. I’ll get it to them.  Here’s a link on how to make PLARN https://youtu.be/TzYsRHk-8qo  and above is a photo of my work in progress

If you fancy making a mat, here’s the how to for that too,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8133qRmO6c

I hope my mini guilt trip hasn’t been too uncomfortable for you, but if it has, maybe you need to do a bit of self examination and change a few habits…for the sake of my beautiful Grandies at least.


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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com