What else do you do on Mother’s Day morning, but get up, make yourself a coffee and wander down into the garden to get a bit of morning serenity.

And then……

Get a bee in your bonnet about finishing a job that you started the day before, because you’ve finally got some clarity of what a space should look like and how it should work.

Today, in my creative challenge, I created space, and order, finished sorting a wood pile, and re-purposed an old derelict  compost structure at the end of our garden.

I’m especially proud, because I did all the work by myself & I do believe, it was at least equal to a gym workout!  The created space is where I get the tick for today’s creativity challenge, the rest was just good old fashioned feeding the OCD beast.  It seems that the need for order is never too far away.  I’m always amazed at the peace that order brings me.

More than 100 planks of hardwood that had been left in a heap by the previous owners of our house were moved and sorted into short & long lengths good for re-use.  Those that are rotted and only good for fire wood were thrown in another pile to be cut down. I’m excited about my re-use of wood plans, but that’s for another creative challenge.

At least two seasons worth of leaves shed by our neighbour’s big arse oak tree were raked up and piled high in the newly uncovered compost bay, and what didn’t fit in there, was scattered across the other two existing bays.

A pile of rocks, rubble and concrete slag was uncovered, half embedded in the soil which had been made rich by the rotting leaf cover and discarded timbers, were dug up and piled into a collection for me to use on another creative project that came to me while I did my Mother’s Day garden workout.

It appears that the more time I make for being creative, the more the beast is fed, and ideas flow.  I could have probably worked all day, but was called to order and reminded that we had a Mother’s Day lunch to attend.  Turning up in my pj’s, disheveled and sweaty, wasn’t going to work, so I reluctantly downed tools.

I’m looking forward to the creativity challenge when less time is available during the working week, determined to meet the challenge.  Maybe finding ways to be creative with time restrictions can count as being creative.  Problem solving is creative.  As is wringing the necks of people who piss me off.  I hope there’s not too many of them this week…..though I don’t hold out much hope for that.  Watch this space to see what transpires, or don’t.  But whatever you decide to do, have a great week. 🙂