Continuing on with my determination to see something through for more than a week, I’m stoked that I’ve arrived at Day 2 and I’m still committed!

I was waiting for the universe to present me with the challenge of creativity for today, but by 4pm I was still at a loss – totally ready to admit defeat.  Wandering down into the garden, leaving my conundrum at the back steps, I headed towards my veggie patch to complete my daily annihilation of my most hated garden enemy, the caterpillar of the White Cabbage Butterfly.

Seriously, I kill about 10 of these shitty insects every day, and yet they continue to decimate my Kale & Broccoli plants, but I won’t give in, I’m determined to eat my fill of broccoli before the end of winter.

Kill them all!

So I set about removing the pesky  grubs, and having squashed two in my hand, the creativity challenge came to me!  Find a different way to kill them that doesn’t involve getting their green slimy guts under my finger nails!

When I was sure I’d collected all that were eating my plants today, I toyed with freezing them and then crushing their frozen corpses, but that didn’t appeal.  Then I thought I’d pour boiling water over them, but that required me going back into the house to boil the kettle and putting them somewhere safe until I could murder them.  Not an attractive option.

I was starting to become concerned about the serial killer type pleasure I was deriving from planning a caterpillar massacre.

I have a leaning toward the principals of Permaculture, so I channeled my inner hippy, had a truly “Ommmm” moment and decided their fate in a second.  They needed to become part of the circle of life once again…, with my handful of grubs, doomed never to be butterflies, I leaned over next door’s fence, called to their chickens, and, once I had their attention, threw them a handful of fresh, bright green, plump, warm caterpillars.

My accomplices – the chickens next door

New resume skill – Creative Bug Murderer