This entry is somewhat unremarkable to most who might happen upon it, and move on to read it, but to me, it’s necessary to empty my head so I can catch my breath. It appears that the two are inextricably linked and breathing easy doesn’t come while my head’s in a state of overwhelm.

So in the previous 10 days I’ve:

  • written, preped & conducted 3 workshops to community volunteers,
  • Spoken at another workshop
  • lead a team who has received, sieved through and coordinated over 1000 team nominations for the districts football Competitons for the coming winter season,
  • Organised and preped a volunteer review panel
  • Put that panels work into a report which was distributed to stakeholders for endorsement or protest
  • Reviewed and adjudicated on 29 protests
  • Revised the outcomes
  • Written over 70 individual communications
  • Responded to more than 120 emails
  • Travelled interstate for a 12 hour round trip
  • Never been to bed before midnight, most nights it’s been 1-2 am
  • Been up at 5 for a 7 am breakfast presentation on three days ( requiring makeup and heels no less!)
  • Have worked till past 10.30pm on 6 of those days
  • Worked past midnight on 2 of those days
  • Worked a full weekend
  • Received a nationally recognized award for my work
  • Received a local award from the federal government member for my work
  • Babysat
  • Attended a musical (Mumma Mia @ the Capitol Theatre Sydney)
  • Managed to re-start a dormant blog. That’s a sure sign that my head’s in overload.

So that’s it for this one. I’m done. I don’t even want to think of what’s coming up this week, but it’s more of the same!

Have a great week everyone