I thought it’d be interesting to write about life, but it turns out that the very thing I wanted to write about, derails my efforts to write, and here I am almost 7 months since I’ve written a word in this blog.  Shame on me!

Almost everyday I drive 35 minutes to work, and 35 minutes home, and I have a million ideas.  I tell myself, I’ll write about that, I could really do something with that idea, experience, feeling, notion, whatever….. and I imagine the words or the soapbox speech or whatever great idea took a hold of me…. I can see the words shooting out of my fingertips and onto the keyboard, flying invisibly onto the screen and I secretly air punch my pending brilliance.

Then life turns up and derails my ambition for yet another day.

I listen to a really broad range of podcasts on my way to and from work. Some are presented by really interesting people with a good message or an interesting point of view.  Unfortunately, some are delivered by knuckle-dragging neanderthals, without an original idea and even less ability to communicate it in a way that doesn’t leave you wondering how they manage to function on the most basic level on a daily basis without hurting themselves.  Spectacularly, at least 50% of those who I listen to, including the oxygen thieves, make money off a blog of some sort.  I don’t even want to make money off mine… I just want to complete an entry.

So this entry is dedicated to my sheer determination, that in spite of every road block of the past 7 months, despite sheer exhaustion after a long, long day and an the invisible pull of my armchair, calling me to it with a promise of a cradling peaceful rest, I have resisted every distraction in order to sit myself down and start my cathartic writing habit again.  Let’s hope this attempt holds.

I love my life!

I’ve got so much to say, to get off my chest, to beat my drum about.  I can’t do it face to face, the poor world would just be saying “oh fuck off Linda…. you talk too much!”  But if I can just write about it, I feel heard without hurting everyone’s ears.  Without pontificating to within an inch of my life (yes, I can do that too).

So, I’m back.  Smile.  It won’t hurt much, and you can always just ignore my ramblings.

But before I go, I want to tell you, since I last wrote in early August 2017…. I have a new grandchild, a grand daughter.  That makes two now, one of each!  Who have an equal claim on my heart.

She arrived on the 20th August 2017 and I had the most spectacular privilege of helping to bring her into the world.  Another little bud on the family tree who now owns a piece of my heart.  Oh, but she lifts my soul.  Sweet little RouxBee.

I stopped in for a visit tonight and was rewarded with feeding her her dinner and rocking her to sleep.  My heart is full and I left to come home feeling complete and at peace & at the end of the day, could there possibly be anything better?  I think not.

I still practice acknowledging Gratitude every day.  I’ll end with my Gratitude.  I am grateful for the love and warmth of human spirit shown to me over the past week.  I’ve had an amazing, surreal week and I will write about it soon.  But it needs to slow down and get back to normal before I can do that.  But, I’m grateful none the less.