I’ve been having a bit of a giggle of late.  I’ve heard two podcasts in the last three weeks featuring a person named Karly Nimmo and her decision to go grey and be fine with it.

Apparently, Ms Nimmo is a bit of a minor celebrity in some circles, and more power to her (I think I missed the memo list of current celebrities).  Anyway, each time I listened to the two totally separate and unrelated podcasts interviewing her for 20-30 minutes on the subject, I had the urge to send them a message to let them know that Ms Nimmo hadn’t actually invented the concept of going grey.

I’m not laying claim to the concept either, but in October 2017, I made the same decision to embrace my grey and just let it go, or let it grow!  So I think I had the idea before her, and I’m considering looking into copyright or plagiarism laws to see if I too can milk the grey bandwagon for a few dollars.

I’m doing so for similar reasons to Ms Nimmo, because I don’t want to dump all those toxic chemicals on my scalp, cm’s from from brain, and have them absorbed through my skin and add to the already significant toxic load that has spent half a century accumulating in my beautiful temple of a body.  Yes!  I said beautiful.

I may be mid 50’s and 35kg overweight (I call it under height for my weight), but I’m beautiful and worth the investment of care that I’m now giving myself…..but, I digress.  The point it is, well, I’m a bit miffed!  Why didn’t I think to let the world know that I’ve decided to go grey and get an agent to ask around to see if anyone wants to interview me on my decision.

Hells Bells!  Are we so devoid of anything interesting or meaningful in our lives that the most interesting podcast guest someone can come up with is a chick who’s decided to go grey?

So, in case anyone’s short of a special guest this week, here’s a list of my current projects and life events which I consider newsworthy;

  1. I’m going grey (on purpose)
  2. I’m currently doing a double Liver & Kidney de-tox
  3. I’m on a mission to declutter one draw, cupboard, or pantry shelf a day until I’ve covered my whole house, top to bottom
  4. When I de-clutter, I give stuff away for free….that alone makes me a worthwhile person to follow closely.
  5. I’ve recently completed a LoxToxLife course
  6. I’m heading towards (a work in progress) eliminating single use plastics from my life
  7. I’m currently completing a course of understanding Whole Foods and putting that knowledge to good use
  8. I’ve recently received a prestigious National  award
  9. I have a batch of Kombucha brewing (that’ll be my 8th batch)
  10. I’m about to re-embark on my healthy eating plan after falling of the good food wagon for a few weeks
  11. I’m looking after my Grandson on St. Patrick’s Day
  12. I have an opinion on just about everything and I’m happy to share those opinions.
  13. I recently received some messages for my son from my recently deceased ex-husband (RIP Dave you beautiful man)

That’s just the short list, so if anything is of interest and you want to interview me, hit me up in the comments sections 🙂

Smile – don’t take life too seriously.