I’m often told by friends who I don’t see too often, but who follow my antics on Facebook, that I lead a full life, that I’m always flitting about attending functions, or that I’m surrounded by family & friends,  that I have an amazing garden, talented children, patient husband etc. etc. etc.

While much of this is true, the reality is that it’s a “Best of Linda” summary of my life,   with all the boring bits left out.  This is true of the blog posts too.  Seriously, who wants to hear about my laundry day, or how much dust & dog hair I vacuumed up this morning? (I didn’t vacuum this morning by the way, but I will…. soon).

For me, it’s about maintaining a positive outlook, about focusing on the good things that life brings, or that I find on my weary, often boring journeys through the tedium of making a living and living my life.

There’s a lot that happens to us, that’s out of our control, but our mindset, how we interact with others and how we value ourselves and our life, our environment and those around us are all within our control.

We’ve all got choices.  I make choices everyday, every minute of everyday.  Those choices determine how I interact with others and how I feel about myself.  That determines how I treat others, how others treat me in return or how I allow others to treat me and how I react to them.

My choices determine what I eat and if I exercise and how I treat my body, which in turn will determine whether I get healthy, or whether I lose energy, focus and health

They determine how I spend my time and whether I value my time, or whether I just squander it and then feel bad or complain later that I don’t have enough time.  We all have the same amount of time right?  We all have 24 hours in a day.  There’s no way of making and extra 2 hours to get 26, but we do get to choose how we spend our free time, even it if turns out that we only have 30 minutes of free time a day after we’ve worked for our employers, or our own businesses, and after we’ve worked for our family, and after we’ve traveled to and from our commitments, and after we’ve had our shower and done our laundry and mowed the lawn.

We get to chose whether we want to do something to add value to our own lives, or the lives of others, which in turn may add value to our own lives.   We can choose to read a book, listen to a podcast, read a blog or a website, study something new, create something, learn something new.  Or we can watch another mindless bit of TV where we don’t have to think, we just have to be mildly amused, or moderately outraged, or slightly aroused  by another hour long episode of poor acting or bad reporting that we don’t think we can live without.   When put like this I’m tempted to say that we don’t have a choice….. We MUST turn off the TV, surely!

I just try and stay positive, even in the face of adversity.  Look for the lessons in tough times… and in good times, practice Gratitude.  It keeps life real and keeps you humble.

I think above all else, Gratitude is what does it for me.  When life sucks, I try to find something to be grateful for, and there’s always something.  It’s very hard not to be positive, when you’ve got something to be grateful for.

When you find your positive, share it.  Share the smiles, the victories, the funny stories, the happy times.  Don’t lock that shit away in dark corners.  Share the love.  Before you know it, your life and how it plays out becomes another one of your reasons to celebrate.