OMFG!  I can’t believe how many versions of totally stupid I’ve had to deal with today.

I need danger money.

Normally, I’ve got the reserves to dig deep, find some graciousness, tolerance, patience, kindness or whatever other “ness” is needed to move past or look past the profound stupidity that I’m sometimes dished up and just accept that not everyone’s an expert and that most things are new to someone at some point.

I know that it’s unreasonable to expect everyone to know everything, all of the time.  But FFS!…. can we not just apply a little common sense and think before opening our mouth, or before we act on an impulse?

All my months of calming meditation went by the wayside tonight.

Now I have to re-group.  Find my inner calm.  Find a way to add value with how I respond and above all, maintain a level of respect.

When I’ve done that, I’ll be popping out for a moment to pick up my sainthood!  I’ll be back as soon as I can.