I gave myself a credit on the Habit Hack challenge this week on the #12WBT program I’m on, because I hacked my habit the week I started 12WBT & it’s really worked, so I decided to share it with those who might be looking for a secret weapon to stop the “in front of the TV while relaxing” snacks.

These snacks were my downfall. It was the only time where I really didn’t exercise any self control. They could be healthy snacks, or not, it didn’t really matter, the problem was eating in front of the TV, every night. I had to rest my legs and my head after being at work all day, and I used to do that in front of the TV, but with one ritual came the other of mindless snacking. Pretty sure I could run up 1000 steps a night just going back and forth from the TV to the kitchen!

I kicked this habit by taking up knitting. Something I haven’t done in about 20 years. My theory is that you can’t knit and eat and you need both hands to knit. This really, really works for me!

I went out one lunch time with a friend from work, and we purchased the wool & the needles and that night I went home and cast on 102 stitches on one of those long cable needles and I started knitting.  No pattern…. my eating was mindless and without thought, so my knitting should also be mindless and without thought… If I had to think too hard about it, then I probably wouldn’t do it…..If I find myself really obsessing about food (which I hardly ever do now because I’ve hacked the habit), then the rules are that I have to finish the row first and I can’t put my knitting down half way through a row… 102 stitches takes long enough to knit that by the time I’ve finished the row the craving has usually passed

I started knitting a huge throw rug in some warm winter colours at the start of my 12WBT, and I’ve named it my Rescue Rug, because I think it’s rescued me from eating myself into an early grave! #12WBTHabitHackthe-rescue-rug-in-progress