via Daily Prompt: Pretend

Pretend if you will, for just a moment, that all parents involved in kids sport are perfect examples to their children of how they should behave when they grow up, or when they play sport.

Pretend that they teach their children to lose gracefully and win graciously and to treat their opposition and match officials with respect.

Pretend that they put good sportsmanship and healthy attitudes before winning.

Pretend they say things like “thank you” or “can I help you” to the volunteers who run their clubs and activities instead of bullying them or complaining when thinks aren’t perfect.

Pretend that they don’t always think that their child is better than, more important than, faster than or more skillful than the other kid.

Now pretend that I am a fairy Princess and I can grant wishes.

Each are as likely as the other 🙂

I will qualify this by saying that SOMETIMES I am a Fairy Princess, and therefore, SOMETIMES parents are all that they should be.

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