via Daily Prompt: Panic

I’ve never written a response to a blog prompt, hell, I’ve only written a handful of entries, and when I saw this topic, I felt a little disappointed, because I thought, “you don’t panic, so what could you write about?”.  Then the pesky little voice said “LC, you’re such a big, fat liar.  You panic all the time, you’re just one of the best in your circle at hiding it”.

So in my very first responsive blog entry, I’ll expose the panic that I hide dozens of times a week, usually while I’m giving someone else a pep talk on why they shouldn’t panic, comforting them, encouraging them to be brave and have faith in themselves.  For what is panic, but a lack of faith in one’s own ability to succeed, control, conquer, achieve, survive or be respected, loved or accepted, and don’t we each battle that at some point and on some level almost every day?

Those of us who don’t think we panic, have just learnt the art of harnessing the fear and the adrenaline it pumps through us and we tell ourselves we’re excited at a challenge.  Most of us just rename fear, or panic or apprehension and we give it another name, so it doesn’t cripple us and in doing so, we make ourselves a hostile, infertile host to full blown panic.

So, don’t panic.  Just rename that sucker, embrace the terror that contracts your sphincter, shoulders back, head up, deep breath and…….go!  Smack that panic right in the face and rule your world for another moment.

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