Some days it just pays to be me.

Feel like I’ve accomplished so much this week, and feeling really good about myself.  Better health, better energy levels, better fitness (non existent compared to really fit people!) and  better mental clarity, except for that one day after only getting 3.75 hours sleep….I was pretty fucked up that day!

Really not sure why I’m even writing this blog, other than this is a blog where I get to write whatever I like, so there you go, I’ve just answered my own question!

Hubby & I, after my exercise session this morning, took ourselves off to the other side of Sydney to visit DB, my Monster-in-Law (that’s just my pet name for her, she really is quite sweet(ish).  After leaving DB, we headed into town to shop up a bit of a storm.

After doing it pretty hard in our early days, I’m enjoying the financial freedom that this time of our lives is delivering.  Pretty sure we won’t always be this flush, and I know that a sensible choice is save like a demon so we don’t go without later, but there’s also that other option of, enjoy what you have while you have it because you might be dead next week, which also has its own merits…anyhow, the hubbit needed a new computer, because Apple officially called his old one “Vintage”, and after listening to him lament his situation for so long, I decided that it was time to treat the old boy to a new toy.

Of course, while there, I best buy myself a few little bits for my belated birthday, so Apple Watch, new bluetooth speaker & Apple TV box so I can hook up our devices to the Smart TV (listen to me getting all TechSavy on you!) and we were all set!

While in the Apple Store, we saw a friend of J’s (our son) who works in the store… that sweet, sweet girl without any request from us, gave us her staff discount!  She saved us $260 in discounts…what a beautiful soul….bunch of thank you blooms will need to be sent!

So I’ve had retail therapy…. I’ve lost 3.5kg. in 2.5 weeks of my diet, and feeling really positive about losing more soon and I’m no longer “hungry” all the time, so I really feel like I’m kicking goals there too, and to top it all off, I’ve had a killer few days at work too, getting heaps done, which I’m putting down to my clarity and better energy levels, so go me I say.

Clocking off now to cook up a storm… lovin life…just thought I’d share some of the positivity with you