Just a little bit chuffed with myself, so I’m going to do a little bit of showing off.

Up this morning, let myself have a sleep in because it’s my day off, and after rising, had that little niggle of “ah my knees hurt, what’s the road of least resistance so I don’t have to do too much work?”

Then I remembered the  12WBT quote of “JFDI”, which is supposed to mean “Just Friggin’ Do It”, but who says Friggin???? so “Just Fuckin’ Do It Lard Arse”, the theory behind it being (which is a great excuse buster by the way) just start it and stop when you can’t go on, if you’re really sick or injured or tired, you can stop, but just give it a go to start with.  Just fuckin’ do it!

So I did.  Mrs Wobblybits herself put on her active wear costume, had a heartstarter coffee (with one sugar instead of 2 1/2), cleared the lounge room floor, put on Budda Radio and set the iPad up on the stand in front of me so I could follow the workout.  Start workout, and trip on the rug!  Haha…..just laugh, fix the rug and move on.  Remember to pull up through your Core….. I still don’t really have a core, but found a bit that might eventually be a core, so pulled up through it.

I totally owned that work out, smashed it and couldn’t believe it, by the time I’d finished, I wasn’t dead, was smiling like the Village Idiot and decided that I still had energy to burn so I’d go for a walk.  But not my customary 1.5 km walk, because I’d be too tired for that, so I’d scale it down to just a quick 1 km walk.  Guess what?  Mrs Wobblybits in her active wear complete with wrist bands and cooling towel and trusty dog in tow cracked the 2km mark!

Now the thoughts that go through my head while I’m walking are scary, there’s about 4 versions of myself, all battling for centre stage, and that one little part of me that no one sees, the quite, contemplative one, just sitting back quietly in my head saying “wow, I’m so blessed” and feeling really thankful for all the amazingness in my life and just appreciating the beautiful views I have while I walk.  I thought, right here, right now, I am so content, thank you Universe…… and then one of the four other biatches in my head completely intruded, and brought to my attention that I was walking with a very uncomfortable one sided wedgie…. there goes another pair of undies I need to throw out, never mind, they were going to be too big for me soon anyway…lol.

Ok… so I know it was just walking and not jogging, but my poor old arthritic knees aren’t ready for running yet.  But, I am soooooo proud of myself.  I know it’s nothing in the scheme of things, but for me, who a month ago was starting to picture myself as that morbidly obese woman who can’t get out of her bed, has to be sponged bathed by community nurses and whose only form of income is posing for fat calendars, this is like climbing Mt Everest for me…. so let me glory just for a while 🙂

I’m going to have a meal, and then tackle the gardens.  I’ve included a photo of some of the view I get to look at on my walk.

Adios amigo