It’s spring here in Australia.  I think there’s some sort of uncontrollable rebirthing mechanism within most of us that just automatically goes off somewhere in the last month of blessed winter (my favourite time of the year), and without really meaning to, I find myself wanting to shed half my body weight.  That’s no joke. I really do need to lose about 1/2 my body weight, but right now I’m feeling exceptionally motivated to lose just some of it.

Having agonized for so long about what my options are, and not liking most of them, I set myself a goal to lose 25 kg by 01Sep17 or go under the knife to have some fairly radical gastric bypass surgery.  While such surgery, I believe, will save my life, I’ve really no joy to derive from spending the rest of my life with a stomach that won’t even hold 1/2 a cream bun!

So once again, I’m embarking upon the weight loss journey!  I expect that I’ll have lots to tell you over the coming 12 weeks about this journey, but it’s not the reason for or the focus of my blog, so here we go again.  Enjoy riding with me 🙂