…….You discover to your horror (at least twice a week, so it shouldn’t really be a surprise), that while you love your spouse to the moon and back and would gladly die for him and you know he would die for you, you’ve actually got almost nothing in common.

Ultimately, our ability to not get hung up on hanging on each other’s every word, to go days without seeing each other and a willingness to be in different rooms of the house from each other because we can’t stand what the other is doing, watching or  listening to etc. is probably the key to not becoming so mind numbingly bored with each other.

Don’t get me wrong, we do have many things in common, our love of family, pottering in our developing garden, renovating our “older” new home, and our occasional travels to new places together are just a few. But, sometimes the differences are like an uncrossable canyon.

Here’s my wish list;

I wish he loved sitting up half the night talking.

I wish he were allergic to sleep (like me)

I wish he loved wholefoods, legumes, pulses, cakes with nuts and seeds, fresh fruit (more than 1 orange per year) and fresh, fresh, fresh vegetables in quantities that leave no room on the plate for meat.

I wish he put on weight in direct correlation to the amount of shit food he eats.  It’s not fair.  I take care of myself, exercise, am conscious of everything I put into my body and I’m fat, sick and my knees hurt.  He on the other hand is 25cm taller than me, 30 kg lighter than me and he is strong!

I wish I was strong!

I wish he loved socialising more.

I wish he loved to dance.

I wish I’d hear him say every second Wednesday “hey!  let’s get some people together this weekend and have a party” or “hey!  let’s get drunk”

I wish he gave massages, especially my legs and feet (but it’s nice that he never objects to me hiring a 3rd party to do his job 🙂 )

I wish he loved drives to nowhere.

But then I get a smile that’s meant for only me, and no one else and I just shut up, stop wishing and silently say thanks to the universe… till next week at least.  Just keep smiling baby!